Introductions please!

So, this is the first post in my new blog.  I have many specific blog’s at different sites over the net and thought I would create a sort of center to my blogging universe.  I write about just about everything.  My other blog’s ‘ online have to do with helping me achieve some goal or another, like I am trying to grow my hair super long.  I am also trying to get super fit.  I am a Homemaker (with capital ‘H’ thank you very much!), artist, poet, writer, who is intensely proud of my Irish heritage and of my red hair and fair skin.  My husband and two children are also redheads.  We have four dogs (two german shepherds, a black lab and a teensy tiny mut) .  We also have five cats, that hoard over our dwelling as if it is there empire.  What else would anyone expect from a cat anyway?  And yes, if you are curious, they hold their own very nicely against there canine brethren.

I am a democrat and looking forward to this upcoming administration and anxiously awaiting the departure of our last administration.  I am fairly liberal I suppose.  I believe in gay marriage and am pro-choice,  but on the other hand I do believe in the death penalty and absolutely believe that the death penalty should be used on child molesters and rapists. 

In just the first post I touched on housewifery, fitness, long hair, red hair, gay marriage, pro-choice issues, irish heritage, dogs, cats, politics, and the death penalty.  Just imagine what my other posts are going to be like! 


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